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Diane Ho-Lung - The Paradigm Shift Facilitator                                                  

Overcome inner blocks, achieve your next level of growth and lead your tribe to make a bigger impact in the world.                  

Transformational leaders often require a bridge to transcend limitation and become unstoppable as they fulfill their missions.



Who I work with:  Leaders 

Changemakers.  Facilitators.  Healers.  

Heart-centered Visionaries who know their message and take actions that align with their knowing  

Your business is going well

You inspire and empower people to create more in their lives. Your tribe is growing. 

You share your gifts from a place of collaboration and creativity.  Your clients get results with your programs.  You're connected to a network of like-minded peers, colleagues and affiliates.  You express your heartfelt desires and talents through your work.  Best of all, you're finally making a difference!  

And you're being called to do more   

There's another step you have to take... but nothing you try seems to be exactly right. It's puzzling and even frustrating.  

You're doing everything your coaches and mentors say you should.  Your high-performance morning routine is set.  You run your calendar like a pro, manage your team and priorities, achieve your goals.  You eat healthy meals, care for your body, meditate in the way that works for you. You take inspired action that's aligned with your heart. You're grateful for your community, for what you've accomplished, and the things you're creating. 

So what's missing?  What change could you explore that would allow you to make a bigger difference in the world?  

Diane offers a different framework 

I work with changemakers and leaders who are ready, who are preparing to make paradigm shifts. 

Exactly. Like. You. 

Are you being kicked into your BIG AS* MISSION  

Do you need to expand your bandwidth so the larger scope doesn’t freak you out?   

Is it time to bridge the gap?

Are you ready to step into the Expanded Vision that your work is demanding of you?

I invite you to do the inner work.

To transcend limitations and blocks.

Yes, you've already done lots of work to get to where you are.

What, there's more

Yup. Another layer, another level, another step... achieve new targets, be more fulfilled.  To be even more visible. 

To accomplish your larger mission with more ease and speed. 

To uplevel your ability to embrace and express your superpowers in a bigger way. 

To send out larger ripples that change more lives.

Are you ready to step into a deeper level of discovery? 

I'd be honored to work with you to reveal your deeper capacities and gifts. 

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 You know that:

  • Everything is energy.  You are a conscious energy being on a journey of discovery of your true nature, inner self, talents and capacities. You're learning how to express these gifts in a 3-dimensional world on a planet called Earth.
  • Who you are is what people buy and follow, making you your most valuable product.
  • Leading your tribe is so much easier when you free the expression of your being from limitations, and master techniques to eliminate obstacles on your inner journey.
  • When you create your business by being authentic and aligned, you will be in harmony with the universe and can change the world. 
  • You acknowledge that it is more time-efficient and cost-effective to capitalize on your strengths and engage experts who maximize the areas where you lack proficiency, time and inclination.   
  • Your tribe is growing, your reach is expanding.  The charitable humanitarian work you do is having an impact. 

BUT that pesky "but"  :-)  

It hasn't all been smooth sailing. There have been some so-called normal 'to-be-expected' challenges along the way.

Despite your best efforts, it feels like you're spinning your wheels and you're not getting 'there' any faster than before. There's so much more you want to accomplish. 

You also know that you have to do the inner work that everyone's talking and writing about. Until then, you’re going to struggle to keep growing into bigger and bigger numbers. 

So what exactly is in the way of that unstoppable force that you can feel inside of you? 

Can't you feel it?  It's like a stallion that's eager to run free and wild, with energy that you could use to run a marathon or three, if you could get that invisible 'gate' unlocked.  And all that locked-up energy is needed for something important. To lead and grow your tribe. To build your influence for social good on this incredible planet of ours.    

Are you ready to make the shift?  

If you could wave your magic wand, you'd get that 'gate' to unlock, and all those challenges would simply disappear.  

Many of these challenges can be summed up in one word:   


You know, the little (or not so little) questions and wonderings that keep bugging you, that show up over and over again.

These recurring thoughts sound like really good, rational, common sense questions ...but are they?  Or are they clues to the subconscious limitations and blocks that might be holding you back?  

If only.... I had followed my dream and started 2, 3, 7 years ago, what huge difference could I have made by now?  How many more people would I have contributed to, how much more money would I have had to make an impact...   

If only... I had discovered my mission and vision sooner .... I could create a bigger income... I could have 6-figure launches.... I'd have a team...  I could have started a movement...

What if..... I hadn't missed those business opportunities... I hadn't made those stupid, dumb mistakes.... I didn't have money hangups.....I had said Yes to myself... 

What if..... It wasn't such a guessing game and it was easy to follow my intuition ....  I could be more certain of my decisions and choices... I knew exactly what to do next ....I could trust myself more...  

If Only I Didn't Doubt Myself... 

Is there a way out of this endless circle of doubt?  This maze that seems to be filled with dead ends and traps and backtracking?  This maze that's scary to negotiate when there's no map or GPS to follow?  The answer is a resounding YES.  

How You Lead Today 

If you've read this far, you're an awakened leader, a social entrepreneur, changemaker, energetic healer, transformational coach or perhaps all of those combined. Your intent is positive and heartfelt. Your vehicle and your message is unique. 

  • You've built a tribe and a following. And it's on the verge of explosive growth. You know it's time.
  • You've already conquered many of your fears, limitations and doubts. 
  • Your greatest joy is making a difference in people's lives, it makes your heart sing.   
  • You're proud of your clients' success as they implement your programs 
  • You've implemented effective systems and processes 
  • You have strategies and plans for growth and expansion. 
  • You provide great value at the prices you charge 
  • You're making a profit, your net worth is growing (or it's hit a plateau) 
  • You celebrate your team, your clients, your family and yourself. 
  • You honor integrity and engage in spiritual practices 
  • You're clear on your mission, vision and calling 
  • You target is to ultimately create an abundant, harmonious future for people, nature and the planet.  
  • The time is now. 

My Target - Be warned!  We're venturing into woo-woo territory 

You'll become more of you.  Learn tools and techniques that give greater awareness of your inner guidance.  Tap into your creative capacities and gifts.  

By clearing subconscious blocks and limitations, I will facilitate you to step into your knowing.  You'll lead yourself and others with greater empowerment, confidence and certainty.  You'll connect more deeply with the brilliance of your inner essence and gain more ease and freedom to create the expansive future you are here to lead people into. 

Are you ready to have more ease and grace in being you?

Adventure into the woo-woo world within you - with me!   

In the sessions, I will: 

  • Empower you to trust in your knowing
  • Provide a safe energy space that invites clarity, insight and ease 
  • Shift patterns and 'stuck' energies 
  • Explore your energetic blocks* and clear them with you
  • Give you practical, usable, everyday tools    
  • Seamlessly blend modalities with my unique gifts 
    • blocks* often relate to self-doubt, money, relationships, trauma, business, success, beliefs, being visible, etc.   

My clients' outcomes (my favourites) include: 

  • More Presence standing in their authentic power 
  • Bigger tribes and a bigger impact in the world
  • improved money flows and more profit  
  • Less stress, less conflict 
  • Authenticity aligned with values of integrity, trust, compassion, gratitude
  • More harmony, laughter and collaboration in relationships  
  • Fewer stress response "buttons", patterns and emotional triggers
  • Confidence and the ability to be more visible, stand out, speak up and feel safe
  • Make choices easily that build forward momentum  
  • Create healthy lifestyles
  • Acknowledge and own their Genius, Magic, Superpowers and Brilliance 
  • Achieve and fulfill the vision, mission and calling that's in their hearts

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How Will You Lead Tomorrow?

Imagine this.  Your eyes are closed.  You're cosy and warm, waking up before your alarm goes off.  Your first thought is 'Universe, thank you for giving me a new day. What wonderful, fun, amazing things can I create today that would contribute to my life and living?  How did I get so lucky to be alive!?!" 

You take a breath and connect to your heart and your being and the universe. Your heart is full, vibrant, peaceful.  You greet the earth with a smile, saying, "Hello earth!"  Feeling happy to be alive, with a family you adore, you exhale and send love:  "hello my loving, wonderful children, partner, mom, dad." You open your eyes gently and notice warm, life-giving sunlight is peeking through the window blinds.

You turn off the alarm, kiss your sleeping spouse on the cheek, and quietly get up to begin your day.  You're at peace, knowing you have a structure and system in place that's aligned with your vision, mission and dreams.  You are consciously creating your life and business in alignment with your knowing and with the abundant future you desire.  You've visioned 5, 10, 20, even 50 or 100 years into the future. You're creating from the light in your soul into an expansive tomorrow. Life is awesome. Life is good! 

What if this was the first 2 or 3 minutes of your day? What could that create for you?

By using these feelings and awareness as the guiding energy for your vision, it will become easier to notice and to ask this question,

"Will this choice I'm making create more for my future, and align and harmonize with the energy of the expansive future I'm creating?" 

With this guiding energy, the Yes or No answer is more easy to distinguish. With practice, you'll use this Yes or No as a key component in your decision making process. 

This is your first tool. A mini-tool, to be more precise, as there are many pieces that can be added to this exercise.   

What would it be like to have the freedom to reveal and express your inner being to be the powerful leader in your vision of the future? Take another moment to imagine it and feel it, now.  Connect to the potency of you. Contribute to the creation of an abundant, harmonious future for all life on the planet and for the Earth itself.

 If you're curious, intrigued (or perhaps even irritated) about using tools and techniques like these, to live in this world,  

You're in the right place. Let's have a conversation.

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Why? Since your mission as a leader is to create a better world, you must succeed.  And to succeed quicker, you need assistance in being shown the way. To use an old saying, No man is an island.

  • Throughout history, powerful leaders have always had visionaries, wayseers or shamans helping them with their vision and pathway forward.  
  • Wayseers can see what is within you that is waiting to be brought forward and embodied and actioned. 
  • As a modern example, Olympic athletes have a big goal, the target that happens every four years on the world stage: the Gold Medal in their sport.  Do they go it alone?  No way.  They get a coach.  Absolutely.  No question.  Without a coach, their chance of winning Gold is a Big. Fat. ZERO.  
  • Are you willing to give yourself an elite athlete's advantage?  Eliminate the limitations that keep you playing small, holding you back.  Receive the support and coaching that provides the winning edge.  Conquer the inner game and be the best possible expression of you.
  • Are you willing to function from your brilliance, and lead your tribe to create the future you know is possible? 

Are you determined to achieve Your Target, your Olympic Gold Medal, and change the world? 

You deserve the best possible chance of achieving your targets. Your gifts are not to be hidden away, they're to be shared to empower yourself and others. 

Be the leader and creator you have the capacity to become. Lead your tribe toward the vision you are destined to fulfill.  

I would be honored to contribute to you on your leadership journey, as you express your soul and spirit's calling. 

 Are you ready for the shift? Say Yes to You! Your tribe is waiting.  

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 Uncover obstacles in your path and get acquainted with Diane. 


  Diane gives you Tools for change 

There are many ways to clear energetic blocks and move forward in creating for the future. Work with Diane to eliminate blocks and stuck energy patterns, and discover leading edge, pragmatic tools. Get free of 'old stuff' with lightness, curiosity and a sense of discovery. The result?  Create from the energy of question and possibility and, while being present in the moment, invite changes and choices that will generate more for the future. 

Step into your knowing, create from a space of being aligned with who you ARE, a conscious social entrepreneur, a leader creating the future of the planet. Your tribe is waiting. 

  Achieve and create the results you desire and be the Leader who IS a difference in the world!

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Diane's intuitive insights and dynamic, direct yet gentle style are seamlessly blended with hands-on and energetic modalities. Over the years, her path has included Access Consciousness, Holodynamics, EFT, Matrix Energetics, Quantum Touch, Hawaiian Huna, The Reconnection, light touch Access The Bars, and massage-style bodywork. Diane works with clients all over the world, in person and via phone & the Internet.

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Diane Ho-Lung. Photo credit; Mark Chin, Miami, FL

Photo: Mark Chin, Hollywood, FL


What clients say about Diane:  

Linda Goldsmith     "In the middle of the night I woke with a confused mind with new priorities and feelings. Like my essence was trying to come through. I love talking with you. I just love your personality and style. It is sincere, connected and transforming. If it is not immediately apparent, it will be. Thanks for your magic."  Linda Goldsmith


 Abby Shukster    "I found Diane to be a brilliant combination of sweetness and functionality. Diane has a way of clearing the fundamental issues of the heart with ease. Diane delivers profound change with a gentle, impactful invitation. I am grateful to have worked with Diane and honor her ability to be peaceful, perceptive, direct and joyful, all in one breath."  Abby Shukster